Who Moved My Cheese the Game

"Who Moved My Cheese" is an addictive new puzzle game. The object is simple: move your mouse to the cheese. The devil is in the details however and you'll quickly find yourself pulling out your hair as you try to set and spring traps to bridge your way to the goal. With 40 increasingly challenging puzzles, and hidden Easter Eggs along the way, this one is sure to keep you entertained for weeks.

What Gamers are Saying

See what game enthusiasts have to say:

  • "This game is off the hook. It looks easy. Its not."
  • "Warning--this game will steal hours of your life.
  • "Move over Angry Birds. I've got a new obsession."
  • "Puzzle 17 I hate you! Grrrr!"

Where to Get It

"Who Moved My Cheese" is currently available in the Android Market, the Amazon App Store, on B&N Nook Apps, or directly from this website. It runs on most Android phones, tablets, Nook Color, Nook Tablet, and the Kindle Fire.

About the Author

William J Francis is a professional software engineer and mobile phone enthusiast. He has written numerous business apps, this wicked game, and he writes a weekly column for CBS TechRepublic which focuses on teaching budding programmers the ins and outs of Android development.